Our Alligator Block heel Sandals is top quality Product made from imported alligator skin which enhance the look of shoes more elegant. Alligator block is designed and craft by the full passionate and creative minds to provide a classy  look to your outfit this is specially designed to provide more comfort to our working ladies who are working a whole day. The grip of heel provide you comfort walk and we used bubble fiber in sole which gave a confidence to walk more.

Zaibtaan is a local E-Commerce brand which offers high quality fashion inn footwear with premium designs. The brand works and aims to provide the absolute best to its customers. The traditional designs of balochi culture, with its iconic colorful embroidery and captivating unique style opens a new door towards footwear fashion. Zaibtaan is Pakistan emerging footwear brand because of its handmade and unique designs. Every pair is design with unique idea and craft. We aim to provide quality and unique products which are in fashion to our customers using quality raw material we make our products more long lasting, durable and comfortable. Zaibtaan has a wide range of handmade footwear with a traditional and casual range.

Zaibtaan made this alligator block heel Sandals with imported alligator leather and used contrast court edge to make it more elegant. Using leather sole sheet in sole making  and bubble fiber in middle sole provide more sense of comfortable Zaibtaan aim to provide their customer a premium quality handmade product at doorstep using e-commerce we have a providing a one click service to our customer.

Using one click method online shopping is get more easy and accessible and providing comfortable shoes we are designing more likely products to provide a huge range of footwear to our customer. We are famous for our trendy fashion, handmade, unique and specially for a customize size and designs, we give a option of customization to our customer that they can customize their size and product as per their requirements.

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