Balochi Shekari Norozi Brown



Balochi Shekari Norozi Is Totally Handmade Product Manufactured From Cow Leather Or Chrome Sheets And Premium Quality Tyre Rubber Sole (Outer) And Card Leather Sole (Inner)

Balochistan Has Its Own Unique Colorful Tradition, and Spreading This Tradition All Over Pakistan Through Fashion Mainly From Handmade Footwear Is The Aim Of Zaibtaan.
Zaibtaan Is Quetta, Balochistan Fashion Brand Working Hard To Provide A Unique And Traditional Handmade Style Footwear To Their Men And Women Customers.
– Balochi Shekari Norozi Chawat (Kheri) Is One Of The Most Popular Footwear From Balochistan.
– Zaibtaan Took Norozi To All Its New Variants With Designing It From Raw Quality Leather To Its Sole
– The Main Element Of Norozi Kheri Is Its Upper Shape And the Cutting Of Its Sole
– It Provides An Elegant And Traditional Look To Your Wearing

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