Balochi Traditional Handmade Multishade Sandals


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Balochi Traditional Handmade Multishade sandals are made from woolen thread combined to make a flower and node them together to provide it a beautiful shape
Recycled tube rubber is used in the making of the sole which makes it more durable, hand stitching and nail are also used in it.

Balochi tradition is famous all around the world keeping this in view we are providing original Balochi craft handmade footwear to you. These beautiful Balochi Traditional Handmade Multishade Sandals are purely made in houses of Balochistan by our skilled full women of Balochistan.

But zaibtaan brings them in a new style of manufacturing. Our own manufacturing makes this sandal look more durable and comfortable.
Zaibtaan upgrade these sandals and make them more durable and comfortable with more finishing we minimize the use of nails and used quality materials.
These sandals are usually made at home by skilled full women and we maintain aims to empower our women.

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