Skin Men’s Shawl


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Skin men’s shawl is purely made of Khaadi with pure woolen And Zaibtain creates handmade Balochi traditional shawls for their customers. The woolen thread is twisted one to one to make this beautiful pattern. Using the best material in the manufacturing of these handmade traditional Balochi shawls. Sheep wool is one of the best and warm wool in Pakistan with export quality. Zaibtaan always wants to provide the best quality to their customer using this export quality wool in Balochi traditional shawls made it more warm and durable. For an elegant and traditional outfit, these shawls from Zaibtaan play a vital role in your look.

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Zaibtaan aims to provide you a premium quality handmade products

Balochi traditional shawls are famous worldwide due to their unique embroidery and use of color in it

We have expert workers to make the best product for you

We all were working to provide you with a product that is up-to-date and enhances your personality.

We belong to a culture-rich region

And provide you with a traditional touch of Balochistan to your look.

And showcase the culture and tradition of Balochistan worldwide. the symbol of luxury and timeless grace, love, and desire of every woman around the world, ……!! The list of adjectives is endless when we talk about the exclusive art of Balochi shawl

Zaibtaan always want to provide the best and unique products at their doorstep visit our store online to purchase the best quality skin men’s shawl


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