yellow traditional court Sandal is totally handmade product which is craft and design by the our professional team after designing this product we combine the colors and manufacture this beautiful handmade traditional court sandal.

Feature of this sandal make it more interesting yellow velvet is combined with the traditional craft of balochistan bubble fiber is used in upper sole to make it more comfortable in walking and recycled rubber is used in lower sole which make this product more durable and long lasting.

Shape of yellow traditional court Sandal is designed to provide a comfortable elegant look which allow this to walk confidently. You can wear this sandals in any event with  causal or formal outfit

e-commerce is the future of shopping and keeping this in view we made online shopping more easy and accessible one click  order placement through our website and whatsapp allow our customer to reach us easily.


Finding comfortable fashion shoes when your feet are wider than the average might not be always an easy task. The shoes you can find in the stores are usually fit for feet of standard dimensions, and some models are just more comfortable for people with narrower feet. As much as we would like to say that any model in the world can be adapted to fit your exact size, shoes that you find in regular stores are generally going to disappoint you. Zaibtaan had a solution for your

Zaibtaan provide you a customized size, measure your size accordingly and give us your exact size we will provide you a exact pair of sandals according to your feet

Balochistan has its own unique colourful tradition, spreading this tradition all over the pakistan through fashion mainly from handmade  footwear is the aim of Zaibtaan.

Zaibtaan is Quetta, Balochistan first fashion  handmade footwear  brand working hard to provide a unique and traditional handmade style footwear to their customers.

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