Traditional flat shoes


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Designing a product with an aesthetic sense and a unique look is mean objective of zaibtaan designers. Traditional flat shoes for girls is a unique design of Zaibtaan which is toe design sandal with multi-color embroidery and raw leather upper with the combination of red color leather with traditional fiber which make traditional cut shoes artistic shoes. Manufacturing of these shoes starts from the design of shoes on paper, the final design of a shoe went off the sampling after the sample quality check is measured by the specialist, and after passing a perfect sample it is going for manufacturing.

Manufacturing of traditional flat shoes by Zaibtaan passed through different steps material, its upper is made from traditional multi-color fiber and raw leather which is strengthened by a lining that is pasted inside to make strong upper bottom is made from a no slippery rubber, this rubber sole is recycled from a tire tube and tire. Different fiber is used in the inner bottom to make shoes more comfortable. The whole process of shoe manufacturing is done with exported quality material and especially export quality epoxy solution which helps a shoe a long life and durability. Two types of solution is used in the manufacturing of traditional cut shoes one is used in upper and one type of solution is used in bottom manufacturing.

Zaibtaan always believes in using high-quality materials in product manufacturing. And this is our unique selling point we deliver what we show and allow customers to get the best online shopping experience. We accommodate our customers fully from order placement to order delivery and we take feedback on a product from customers. This online store not only makes it easy for the customers to select and buy their desired products but is also efficient in its service to come up to the expectation and satisfaction of our customers. Balochistan has its own unique colorful tradition, and spreading this tradition all over Pakistan through fashion mainly from handmade footwear is the aim of Zaibtaan.

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