The manufacturing of this zigzag FLAT SANDAL FOR GIRLS is based on artificial leather sheet which is nodded in a zigzag manner to give it an elegant look. color contrast make product to wear with every outfit sole is specially design to provide you a comfortable walk and grip for this we used bubble fiber sheet in upper sole and recycled rubber in lower sole make which is totally handmade. Keeping in view the environmental safety. Buckle of his sandal is with easy lock system which help our customer to wear this sandal easily. Zigzag Flat Sandal for girls has a unique feature of sweat absorption which absorb sweat and make you feel fresh while walking. 

Are you wearing the right sized shoe? Wearing shoes that cause foot pain is unpleasant to say the least, but did you know it can lead to other issues as well? Research indicates that more than 60% of people are walking around in shoes that don’t fit properly, which often results in nerve and joint issues, foot lesions and more. The risks and symptoms often associated with wearing ill-fitting shoes and suggestions on how to avoid them. There is ongoing research that confirms wearing shoes that lack the proper fit often has a negative impact on overall health and quality of life.

Zaibtaan made purely handmade footwear to avoid this pain and we used bubble fibber in sole making which make us different from our competitors. This sandal is design to provide you a comfortable and durable product with a confidence walk.

Zaibtaan being an online fashion platform makes it easier for its customers to explore and choose their desired products easily. Its vast and Vigilant service for its customers and also the top priority for zaibtaan team. Online shopping is trending now a days keeping this in view we made user friendly website which allow our customer to place order easily. Order tracking provide a proper tracking to customer and customer care service is always open for our customer to communicate with us suggestions and feed backs are more then welcome.

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